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Monitor Audio Radius Speaker Stands


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Standing at around a metre tall, the Radius Stand places the speaker at the perfect listening height and looks elegantly streamlined while occupying minimal floor space. Constructed using ARC® material, which acts to dampen vibrations, so you hear only the speaker. High quality pure-copper cable runs internally from terminals at the floor to terminal forks at the top, onto which the speaker simply pushes.

Apex is a 'flagship' range of versatile compact speakers, which blends elite styling with the advanced technologies of our award-winning speakers. Twice named 'Best Style Speaker Package' at the What Hi-Fi? Awards, Apex delivers high quality audio with designer appeal.

The cabinets are made from rigid die-cast aluminium coated in a sumptuous black metallic or pearl white metallic high gloss lacquer. The C-CAM® bass driver, which has been engineered exclusively for Apex, uses high performance RST® dimpled cone geometry for added rigidity. Drivers are secured to the cabinet using a single central through-bolt fixing, which acts as a cabinet brace to reduce resonance.

Innovative high quality metal wall brackets supplied with the A10 and A40 are custom designed to make installation quick, easy and secure. When installed, the speaker can be tilted precisely for the best stereo or surround sound imaging. A stylish, internally pre-wired floor stand for the A10 is also available.

Due to its precision-engineered voicing, the Apex range can be mixed in any combination to match room size, shape and acoustics, delivering the audio range and quality of much larger hi fi speakers in an extremely stylish and space-friendly way.

  • Secure, stable and stylish alternative to wall fixing
  • Internally wired with our own Silver Pureflow® cable so that no manual cable connection is required
  • Die-cast aluminium plinth and extruded aluminium support

Height including Radius 45 (With Spikes) 940mm (37 inches)

Height including Radius 45 (Without Spikes) 918mm (36 1/8 inches)

Width including Radius 45 235mm (9 1/4 inches)

Depth including Radius 45 240mm (9 7/16 inches)

Height including Radius 90 (With Spikes) 1030.15mm (40 9/16 inches)

Height including Radius 90 (Without Spikes) 1008.5mm (39 11/16 inches)

Width including Radius 90 235mm (9 1/4 inches)

Depth including Radius 90 240mm (9 7/16 inches)

Warranty Information

monitor Audio offer a 5 year warranty with all speakers and subwoofers. The only exception to this electronic products (e.g. Airstream) which instead get 2 year coverage.

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