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Putting something extra in the way of the turntable to ear mechanism, sacrilege. This thing is the devils work but it works brilliantly, it is difficult to hear any difference between the before and after effect apart from there are no clicks and pops and if anything it seems to sound better !

The SC-1 has been designed as a convenient way to improve your listening experience. With countless records in collections across the world exposed to often unavoidable wear-and-tear over years of ownership, even the most advanced cleaning systems can struggle to remove all unwanted noises from the surface of a record. SC-1 does the finest job of cleaning up these records to an almost-like-new level, using a specially-developed proprietary digital process.

Easy to install into any vinyl hi-fi system with an external phono stage , SC-1 is also effortlessly easy to use. Simply press a button to initiate the digital clean-up process, and then turn a dial to adjust the strength of the process. Handled throughout the process by only the finest audiophile-grade components available for the price, the audio signal remains tonally unharmed, and retains the space, depth and clarity of the original analogue record, only removing the unwanted elements of the vinyl record. When in bypass mode, a high-quality internal relay isolates the audio signal from any digital process to ensure you only hear the original audio exactly as you normally would.

With the supplied USB fob, you can add further convenience by adjusting and switching the SC-1 process on or off via SweetVinyl's SugarCube app (see our Top Upgrades tab).

Key Features:
Integrated real-time, non-destructive, digital click and pop noise algorithm
Bypass mode to disengage digital processing with audiophile-grade relay
Built-in Analogue-Digital Converter (ADC) and Digital-Analogue Converter (DAC)
Digital process handled in 24-bit / 192kHz Hi-Res quality
Ethernet and USB digital interfaces for internet connectivity
Wi-Fi USB module included
Front Display indicates click and pop removal strength and unit status
Button to engage click and pop removal
Monitor button to hear only the removed noise
Supports virtually any external phono stage
Includes iOS and Android mobile apps for remote control option
Available in black or white

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