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Chord Epic Reference Speaker Cable


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Epic Reference

Uses the same 12 AWG silver plated conductors as Odyssey but the positive and minus conductors are insulated with PTFE before being surrounded by a soft PVC jacket to correctly space the dual layer high frequency shielding.  Each set of Chord Epic Reference is hand built at The Chord Company.  The design is similar to Signature Reference,Sarum and ChordMusic.  Very good cable for both bookshelf and floor standing loudspeakers.  By separately shielding the two conductors the cable carries greater detail and dynamics – particularly micro dynamics – are improved.  This is a design of speaker cable that carries a signal with a real sense of musical coherence.


Conductor:  Silver plated high purity OFC

Insulation: PTFE

Configuration: Twisted pair

Shielding: Individually shielded positive and minus conductors.  High density foil and 95% coverage metal braid

AWG: 12

mm2: 2.63

Overall dia: 2x7.5mm

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